fons energia

ENPROIN offers consulting, advisory and auditing for all types of installations in the energy field. The importance of proper management of energy lies in the energy savings, environmental and economic means.

These are the main benefits of proper energy management:

botó serveis energètics i ambientals

Energy and

botó lideratge i imatge empresarial

and corporate

botó socio-econòmics


      Energy and enviromental:

  • Optimizing energy use/fuel efficient.
  • Promoting energy efficiency in organizations.
  • Reduced emissions of CO2 gases into the atmosphere.
  • Reduced environmental impact.
  • Proper use of natural resources.
  • Promotion of alternative and renewable energy.

      Leadership and corporate image:

  • Image commitment to sustainable energy development.
  • Reinforcing the image of a company committed to climate change.
  • Compliance with legal requirements.


  • Reduced impact on climate change.
  • Energy bill savings.
  • Reducing dependence on foreign energy.
  • Reducing risks from fluctuations in the prices of energy resources.